Wjec english coursework moderation

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WJEC staff to email centres and notify them of the clerical error(s). In addition, the amended mark will appear in red on the centre’s own screen alongside the original mark.

Examiners and Moderators

EXAMINATIONS Subject Board IGCSE GCSE Codes/Cash-In Unit Codes Important dates e.g. Coursework Art (Fine Art) L5-U5 WJEC Eduqas Yes CQS CU CU Coursework deadline: 11th May English Language (specification A).

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Exam Officers

WJEC - Speaking and Listening Moderation Training for GCSE English Language WJEC - GCSE English Language Examiner Training now AQA - A Level Language and Literature Examiner Training - now.

Sep 27,  · For your coursework you generally do make a video - for the exam I believe a teacher comes out to video and assess, and then sends it off to the exam board for proper marking (as most school teachers aren't horsey).

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However at the end of the day both the initial assessment and moderation of the riding aspect of the course received top marks.

Wjec english coursework moderation
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