Gel filtration

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Size-exclusion chromatography

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Gel Filtration Media and Columns

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Size-exclusion chromatography

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Gel Filtration Chromatography may be used for analysis of molecular size, for separations of components in a mixture, or for salt removal or buffer exchange from a preparation of marcromolecules. Gel filtration chromatography seprarates proteins, peptides, and oligonucleotides on the basis of size.

Commericially available gel filtration resins are generally durable, chemically resistant and inert and have minimal nonspecific binding properties. Consequently, nearly any buffer system can be used effectively for desalting and buffer exchange. Gel filtration chromatography (also called size exclusion chromatography) is a method of separating molecules on the basis of their size.

Desalting and Gel Filtration Chromatography

By this technique, a protein sample is suspended in an aqueous solution (the mobile phase) and applied to the top of a chromatography column filled with a matrix of porous beads (the stationary phase).

Gel filtration chromatography (GFC) has been employed in a few instances to separate phytic acid from other plant phosphorus compounds. The column packing used most often is Sephadex G The column packing used most often is Sephadex G Principles of Gel Filtration Chromatography EDVO-Kit Gel fi ltration chromatography (sometimes referred to as molecular sieve chromatography) is a method that sepa-rates molecules according to their size and shape.

The separation of the components in the sample mixture, with some exceptions, correlates with their molecular weights.

Gel filtration
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Gel Filtration Chromatography