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Mara River

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Mara River

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eThesis - School of Business electronic theses Since autumn information about Master's Theses at the School of Business will be displayed at the eThesis-portal. Also the full-text of thesis will be available in pdf-file if the author has given her/his permission.

Ypres is an ancient town, known to have been raided by the Romans in the first century BC. It is first mentioned by name in and is probably named after the river Ieperlee on the banks of which it was founded. During the Middle Ages, Ypres was a prosperous Flemish city with a population of 40, in AD, renowned for its linen trade with England, which was mentioned in the Canterbury.

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What is Ethesis? The definition of Ethesis starts with a common question. Ask yourself: should a child be taught to go to Church and by the experience of right actions be allowed to find the correct motivation, or should a child be taught the right motivation and from correct principles be allowed to find the right actions?

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