English vs mother tongue as a

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First language

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Non-native pronunciations of English

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I'm a rigid English teacher. But with broad work, you can at least relearn the penalties. I had someone request hanged vs. hung because he was fed up with people using them improperly.

It seems a lot of people don’t even realize that hanged is a word and has its own merits. So if you’re writing a paper where you think you are going to need to know the difference between [ ].

In Gujarat, the RSS has blocked teaching of English in government schools till Class 5, by when it is too late. If I could nominate a “dialect of the 21st Century,” I would probably go with Singapore English, a native English dialect spectrum spoken in a region with few competitors (for nearly 1/3 of Singaporeans, English is the primary language spoken at home).This video, on a rather banal topic, incidentally provides a nice survey of different Singapore English speakers.

Feb 17,  · mother tongue vs native language. Discussion in 'English Only' started by Katoussa, Feb 13, I think 'first language' works best for a CV.

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English vs mother tongue as a
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