English imperialism and representations of the

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British Empire

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Definition of 'imperialism'

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After his funeral, where his remains were finally reduced to ashes, Quang Duc's heart, which had not burned, was retrieved, enshrined, and treated as a sacred relic (Schecter ).

Imperialism is a policy that involves a nation extending its power by the acquisition of lands by purchase, for which the closest modern English equivalent would perhaps be 'sovereignty', It implies that maps are objective representations of the world when in reality they serve very political means.

The English public had a growing interest in the New World during Shakespeare’s lifetime, and The Tempest almost predicts the course of English imperialism would take. The exchange between Caliban and Prospero in Act 1 Scene 2 metaphorically represents the underlying conflicts plaguing indigenous people and English colonizers.

The conquering English are not superior, enlightened beings attempting to confer the benefits of European culture and Christian morality upon benighted savages. Whereas the focus of the Sensation Novel had been sexual indiscretion (illegitimacy, bigamy, adultery), the.

Representations is an interdisciplinary journal in the humanities published quarterly by the University of California Press. The journal was established in and is the founding publication of the New Historicism movement of the s.

English imperialism and representations of the
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