Development of the english literary lan

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A brief outline of the development of the english literary (standard) language

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English Language and Literature

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Elaine Chao

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Old English ( - AD): England began the Industrial Revolution (18th century) and this had also an effect on the development of the language as new words had to be invented or existing ones modified to cope with the rapid changes in technology.

History of English

New technical words were added to the vocabulary as inventors designed various products. Elaine Lan Chao (Chinese: 趙小蘭; pinyin: Zhào Xiǎolán; born March 26, ) is the 18th and current United States Secretary of Transportation.A member of the Republican Party, Chao was previously a Cabinet member in the administration of President George W.


English language

On November 29,President-elect Donald Trump nominated Chao to serve as Secretary of Transportation. I-Lan’ in di Sun is a collection of poetry featuring life in Jamaica and its Diaspora from a Rastafari woman’s perspective.

It is an invocation of memory; childhood memories, memories of young love, marriage, history, revolutions and of a beloved country left behind for a new life in the United States. Introduction If we were to survey the general population, we would most likely find that English-lan- guage arts teachers are some of the most: (1) prodigious readers; (2) preeminent writers; and (3) articulate speakers with sophisticated vocabularies.

The editors couldn't resist this one as an example of sheer outrageousness. The picture is from a article in the shortlived Washington Magazine. The text reads in part, "The women are usually more superstitious than the men, for generations of ignorance has retarded their mental development.".

Development of the english literary lan
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