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HSC Business Studies 101

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HSC Business Studies: OPERATIONS

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HSC Business Studies 101

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The topic of Operations is one of the four key parts, [other three topics are Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources], set in the HSC Business Studies course offering as a selective subject for senior stage students [Year 11 and Year 12], in NSW high schools. HSC - Year 12 - Business Studies Operations refers to the business processes that involve transformation or, more generally, ‘production’.

It is a term that applies both to. HSC Business Studies Source: NSW Board of Studies Business Studies syllabus Business Management & Change H Describes & analyses business functions & operations and their impact on business. H Evaluates the effectiveness of management in the organisation & operations of business and its responsiveness to change.

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The HSC Business Studies written paper consists of four sections worth marks in total as follows: objective-response questions -This section includes multiple choice questions covering all four topics of Finance, Operations, Human resources, and Marketing (FOHM).

for the HSC Business Studies Course in NSW Using page references and examples from Business Studies in Action – HSC Course, 3rd edition; Chapman, Norris, Devenish and Merritt – John Wiley ten examples of external influences on business operations.

Select two articles and prepare a 10 line executive summary. HSC practice questions HSC PRACTICE QUESTIONS Marketing For more information about answering HSC examination questions, refer to Appendix 3 on page

Business studies hsc operations
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